About Me


I have a bachelors degree from the university of Minnesota and went on to study and receive a masters in speech pathology. However, I feel like I have learned the most from real-life experiences... love, loss, pain, and the ups and downs of life. I believe all of those things have helped me the most in my own personal growth. ⠀

These days, I live in Red Lodge Mt with my husband and kids. Between home in Red lodge, and the family ranch in Culbertson, Mt, fishing Fort Peck, or my mother's cabin in Livingston, Mt... we can be found having fun all over the state.

Who am i?

I am a Native of Eastern Montana. I love to think up crazy ideas and make them happen. I have a desire to connect other women who have a desire to get more out of life! That is where my dreams to build this community for Montana women, began to bloom. ⠀

In my work, I have traveled all over Montana, as a speech consultant and health coach. I have been lucky to have met so many amazing women. These women were doing all of these amazing things with their lives but many felt isolated or alone in their work. I knew that feeling all to well and thought there has to be a better way for us to make a change in that. I believe that one of the greatest gifts I was given, was to help women to see and navigate their own gifts.⠀


What am I up to?

I'm a serial entrepreneur dabbling into a few different businesses right now. I own SDC  Therapy Inc. Where I run my business as a speech pathologist and have worked all over Montana to help in this very needed program! Currently, I travel to Sidney Montana to work in this field for the school system there.

After a few years into that business, I also found myself in a totally different realm... Health coaching which I decided on after a few years traveling across the state and meeting others who were part of the company. I signed up with Optavia and found myself making big moves with them, learning so much about leadership and a totally different style of business. I had a natural pull to coach and help these women make real changes in their lives! The opportunity to build my own business within theirs, was invaluable for me and my life's current path. It was so different yet, exciting for me. Over the years, I have helped 100's of women take the steps needed to change their life dramatically.


In that line of work, I began to dream about something even bigger. Big Sky Women was a path that took me a little bit of time to muster up the courage to step into. Throughout my years of traveling across the state, I kept seeing and speaking with these incredible humans who have so much to offer the world. I wanted to pull it out of them, bring them together with other big dreamers, and build something incredible. In the fall of 2017, I took that leap!

Now, I am balancing the three and dreaming up some incredible things for my future and the future of many others.


I would love for you to come along for the ride!


Big Sky Women

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Speech Pathology

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