Business strategist and Coach

I am a serial entrepreneur who loves to help women discover their own power in changing their life.

  • Business Strategy & Discovery

    I love to connect with women who are passionate about life and business. My gift is seeing your gifts and helping you turn your potential into your dream life.

  • Big Sky Women

    This network was built on the idea of connecting like-minded dreamers all into one space. We help women learn how to live more boldly, take charge of their dreams, and grow.

  • Health Coaching

    I love the connections I am allowed to make with amazing humans, who are realizing their worth, and are ready to take their health seriously!

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Client Testimonials

My clients are my extended family... without them, my career would not be possible. -Darlene Kent Rodgers

"There is so much information and courses online and it’s confusing and overwhelming to me… what to take, does it have valuable content, too expensive, is it worth it? I’m so thankful to Sheridan at Big Sky Women for pouring her heart (and brain full of knowledge!) into the group! The modules are amazing! BSW is giving you what you need to move forward in your business.. and you’re making connections with entrepreneurs right here in Montana!"
- Lexie L. (Big Sky Women Member)
"Sheridan has been a true inspiration throughout my health journey over the past two years. She has celebrated my successes with me and truly coached me through the challenging times, always urging me to be a better version of myself. It isn’t about being perfect, but rather about making better choices when fueling my body. I have learned invaluable lessons by being part of the program, and Sheridan was instrumental in helping me realize how truly simple it was!"
- anonymous (Health Coaching client)
"I love having Sheridan as my coach she has so many tips and tricks for creating healthy habits and if I have any questions or need help or support she is always there for me!! From learning about nutrition to healthy sleep habits and healthy movement... I highly recommend Sheridan as a coach if you want to make a change for good !"
- Lisa (Health Coaching client)
"I am loving this! I really had no idea what I was signing up for, but I think this going to be something I’ve really needed. I have felt so alone out here in the middle of nowhere without anyone else in my field, and that was compounded by the nearest resource centers being in Billings, so virtually no discussion or support in the Childcare field. BSW is something that I’ve been longing for for a long time."
- Adrienne V. (Big Sky Women Member)